ATTENTION: Men Who Desire A Rock-Hard, Muscular Physique Without The Cost, Embarrassment or Fancy Equipment of a Big-Box Gym

32-Year-Old Man From Michigan Reveals His Powerful Method For Packing On Muscle Using ONLY Simple Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Best Part: You'll Sculpt A Well-Rounded Muscular Physique AND Actually Enjoy Using These Unique Exercises... All While Saving You Time & Money

Have you ever wished that you could get a rock-hard physique from the comfort of your own living room?

I'm not talking about the "over-sized" muscle-bound look of today's bodybuilder.

No... I'm talking about the ripped, muscular body that woman are attracted to and men admire from afar.

Recent research has proven that building a muscular physique has LESS to do with how much weight you lift (as previously thought) and more to do with a simple "under-ground" technique that you can apply at home... without ever touching a weight.

This technique has helped me (and many others) pack on dense muscle from the comfort of my basement - WITHOUT ever worrying about destroying my joints or waking up with throbbing knee & back pain from accidentally "lifting too much" at the gym.

In this article, you'll discover why lifting weights is secretly robbing you of your health and how unique bodyweight exercises - that you can do anywhere - can help you pack on dense muscle and burn ugly fat.... at any age... even if you haven't done a push up in years!

Don't Let Them Fool You! You CAN Build Muscle Without Weights Using This Simple "Underground" Bodyweight Technique

Hi, I'm Todd and I have an important question to ask you.

Have you ever looked in the mirror after completing a workout program only to experience sadness and frustration because you didn’t see the muscular size and definition you were looking for?

Or maybe you tried a "typical" weight-lifting program that so-called "experts" recommend in popular fitness magazines and woke up with nagging pain in your shoulder, low back or knees.

You are not alone.

The sad truth is that both of these situations happen every day, to millions of men and women around the world. Most people never see results from their program... even if they follow it perfectly.

Yes, that's definitely some bad news.

But don't worry, there is some great news for you.

But before I get to that... I have a confession to make. My whole life I have been skinny. I am definitely NOT one of those guys that can do a few push ups and magically start packing on muscle.Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 1.40.14 PM

I have always struggled putting on size (see a picture of me on the right when I was younger). Even after getting a certification in nutrition and personal training... I still had a terrible time building muscle.

Why did I want to build muscle? Well... I'm going to be brutally honest and open with you now.

I had very low-self esteem. I was frequently teased when I was younger because of my very blonde hair and light skin color. People called me all sorts of hurtful names... Cracker, Powder, Albino and many others.

I thought too myself, "If I have an attractive, muscular physique... than who cares if my skin and hair is light?"

One of the reasons I liked body weight exercises so much is because I felt embarrassed and awkward in the gym. Even though I took that personal training class I still felt intimated by many of the fancy machines... and felt everyone was looking at me because of my light skin and skinny body.

"What the heck is that FREAK doing in here?!" I could almost hear everyone say.

I loved the idea of staying in the privacy of my own home and just using my own body weight to get stronger and bigger.

Problem was... I wasn’t. 🙁

Body weight exercises were great for helping me stay lean but that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to GET MORE MUSCULAR!

After years of fumbling around with trial and error methods of body weight strength programs, one day I looked in the mirror at a body that hadn’t changed one bit and said, “SCREW YOU BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES! I’m switching over to weights."

I immediately joined the local YMCA again and didn't care what people thought. I was determined to get BIGGER!

But... this is where the problems started.

I went regularly, and performed all the "recommended muscle building" exercises... squats, bench presses, deadlifts, etc.

At first, everything was fine... in fact, I even saw a little bit of muscle growth. But then it happened...

One day, while I was bench pressing, I noticed some pain in my left shoulder. At the time, I thought it was nothing... so I pushed through the workout.

But when the next morning came... my shoulder was KILLING me. I decided to "man up" and push through. Over the next few weeks the pain became overwhelming until I couldn't even lift my left arm. It sucked!

I felt angry and defeated... and had little to show for my consistent efforts.

Since I couldn't work out... I had plenty of time to research how professional body builders built muscle. I absorbed every book I could find. I became like a machine and studied everything. Then suddenly... a new REVELATION hit me like a ton of bricks.

"It's The PRINCIPLES of Muscle Gain That Helped These Guys Add Size, NOT The Weights Themselves!"

During my research, I found old-school, underground strength and muscle-building experts that stated, "Lifting weights doesn't help you build muscle... TENSION helps you build muscle."

You see, your muscles don't know if you are lifting weights. It only knows how much tension is being applied to it.

The more tension you have, the more muscle fibers are broken down and rebuilt bigger.29118294_s

For example, take a look at the picture on the right.

This is an image of a muscle fiber. There are lots of different parts. The important thing that I began to understand is that muscles are made up of many "Myofibrils".

Think of a "Myofibril" like a rubber band. When you pull both ends of a rubber band it stretches. You can continue to pull it back until it breaks. When you lift weights OR do body weight exercises you are "pulling" these myobrils to the point that they "break". However, they don't really break... as much as they TEAR. This is a good thing because it actually rebuilds stronger and bigger.

It doesn't matter if the myofibrils are tearing because of bodyweight exercises or weights... just like it doesn't matter if you are using your hands to pull back a rubber band or using two sticks. The rubber band only knows tension... just like the muscle only knows tension.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 1.53.56 PMI then thought, "If muscles only know tension, why can't muscle be built with only bodyweight exercises?

The stunning answer I found was... "They can!"

I then applied the principles I learned to my own workouts and noticed a dramatic result (see the image on the left).

I "unlocked" the secrets to building muscle using just bodyweight exercises.

I then became obsessed with my unique method of bodyweight training.  It didn't take a lot of time... but the results were incredible.

And possibly the best part was... I KNEW I couldn't do "typical" heavy weight lifting when I was in my 40's and 50's. It would destroy my joints and body. Being free from the constraints of weights allowed my body to get stronger AND healthier at the same time. I wanted to be injury free but also have a body I was proud of.

But Here's REALLY The Best Part...

After I started seeing my muscles grow... my confidence grew right along with it.

I was no longer the skinny, white boy that everyone teased. I walked around with my head held high... I looked people in the eye when they spoke to me and even attracted the woman of my dreams... who eventually became my wife.

Here's a funny story.... Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.26.17 PM

When I first started dating my wife, I organized a camping trip with a bunch of friends. We hiked to a beautiful beach on Lake Michigan in the summer. After setting up the tents, we all decided to take a swim and relax on the beach.

A few months later my wife told me that after seeing me with my shirt off during that camping trip, she told her sister... "Whoa! I had no idea he had such a nice body."

Of course, impressing women with your body is not the most important part of being physically active... but it doesn't hurt when you end up marrying the one you impressed. 😉

Why am I telling you all this?

I want to help men that are struggling just like how I did. My life has been transformed by these unique and powerful exercises and I want to tell the world about them.

If you are struggling to see results with your current body weight program... don't believe the lie that you need to "switch over to weights". You CAN build muscle without weights. You just have to know HOW to do it.

I'd like to teach you how you can successfully build the "alpha male" rock-hard physique you want without ever touching a weight.

I've taught these principles to thousands of other men who have seen amazing results.

John Adams - Gained 1 inch to his arms and 2 inches to his chest in only 6 weeks

"My name is John and I am 48 years old. I have been on a quest for last couple of years to lose weight and get in shape. Through persistence and managing a good and healthy diet I lost around 30 pounds. But now my goal was to put on some muscle. I have read and tried a lot of things on the Internet and YouTube from HIIT to kettlebell to sandbags and BodyWeight exercises. I got some results.

But when I found Todd I got excited. Through his 6 week program I managed to lose 2 inches from my waist (35 to 33) and add one inch to my arms and 2 inches to my chest. I lost a couple of pounds but that was not my goal. By using his special protocol I discovered that this wasn't any ordinary bodyweight routine. It is amazingly powerful and effective.

Jeff Milligan Packed On 5lbs of Muscle!

Todd, your program is great!.  I have been skinny my whole life.  With your principles I put on 5 pounds within the first few weeks while maintaining my body fat percentage.  It's challenging but it works.  I couldn't lift my arms over my head after the first workout but my body acclimated. Great program.  Keep up the great work.  Thanks again!

Joe Gibson Lost 13 lbs and Gained an Inch of Muscle To His Chest in Just 6 Weeks

I'm Joe and at 36 I've been training on and off for 18 years. Until a couple of months ago I used to push iron in the gym but I found it boring and repetitive, hence the on and off part of training. I was looking for an alternative and discovered body weight training. I then found Todd and his powerful method of bodyweight training. In 2 weeks, I cancelled my gym membership because his principles were so powerful. Who knew Todd's way of doing push ups would give me quicker and better results than dumbbells?

What Others Are Saying About Todd's Unique & Powerful Style of Bodyweight Training

Rajath K.R., 26 years old, India

Hey Todd, I just finished my first day workout half an hour ago but still feeling the burn... never felt as such when I was going to gym. Its kickass!!!!!!!!!

Angel Mijangos, 19 Years Old, Spain

Duuuuuuuuuudeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! The workout is awesome!!! I was looking for some thing like this for about 10 months!!

Alexandra Lee, 31 Years Old, Indiana

Finished the leg work out this morning, and it was killer! Got sweaty already in minutes, and my legs were burning still after half an hour after the work out. I was so exhausted after the superset that I almost forgot the second exercise...

Paul Vincent, 49 Years Old, California

Did my day 3 leg workout, legs are burned out not able to walk. Great workout!

Josh Newman, 17 Years Old, Florida

My legs will be useless at work tomorrow ha, but a great workout. Never thought body weight could destroy my legs in such low reps but I’m glad it did.

Mikas Treciokiene, 29 Years Old, Russia

Never thought bodyweight exercises can be so challenging. I‘ve never been so sore even compared to my free weights workouts. I‘ve gained almost 2 pounds of muscle in 3 weeks and that is quite an achievement for me, because I‘m  a hard gainer. In the past it would have taken me a few months of pushing iron to gain something like that! Even the festive period and a little cheating had not stalled my progress. So I’m very satisfied, thank you.

Patrick Garcia, 37 years Old, Georgia

I've done Rushfit & P90X and lifted weights at the gym but have never been as sore compared to using your unique bodyweight principles. The chest & back and shoulders, biceps, & tris workouts were awesome! I just finished the leg workout and it was super challenging.

Johnny Miller, 18 Years Old, Portland

Iwent from not being able to do any chin-ups to being able to do 4-5 each set with no assistance.  I feel amazing.  I have been consistently working out for over 2 years, but this was definitely the most challenging program I followed.... but I did it and I am proud for finishing it.  Now, I'm ready for more!

Dave Bass, 36 Years Old, Idaho

Todd, I owe all of this energy, and strength I've gained to you and your amazing bodyweight system. When you can go from complete in-activity to full throttle in this short of time; you know it's the right program. Thank you so much!!!

When you apply these simple and powerful muscle building techniques to your workouts your muscles are guaranteed to grow larger and fat will melt right off your body... revealing rock-hard abs and a new muscular physique.

That's the great news.

But before I reveal how you can achieve your new bodyweight muscular body...

I must WARN you about the "3 Problems" that MOST bodyweight programs have built into them...

There is a LOT of information on the internet, especially when it comes to body weight exercises. Many programs claim that they’ll help you develop a strong physique but the sad truth is that they will just leave you skinny and frustrated.

In order to build a chiseled body and amazing physique, you have to apply the RIGHT principles AND stay away from these 3 deadly problems...

The 3 Problems MOST People Fall Into That Leave Them Skinny, Unhealthy & Weak

Problem #1: Chasing After The Next "Shiny Object"

17528543_sOne of the biggest mistakes that people make when trying to build muscle and strength is that they chase after random "tips and tricks" they find on the internet.

Sure, its fun to learn new things. You get a feeling of excitement and new found hope that this "secret" will help you finally build the body of your dreams.

The problem with chasing after the next "shiny object" is two-fold.

The first problem is that you must quit your current program in order to try out the new trick. Its foolish to abandon your current workout plan just because you think that something new you found on the internet will work better.

The second problem is that many of these new "tips and tricks' are not based on research. There are literally hundreds of years of research behind real muscle building principles. Science has proven the actual methods that help people slap on mounds of muscle. So many guys stay skinny and weak because they want to "discover" the missing link on their own. They don't want to rely on a plan that has actually been proven. Unfortunately, this is how you stay small... which will end up leaving you sad and frustrated.

Why not rely upon strategies that are proven?

Problem #2: Not Knowing What To Do Next

18874984_sI often get emails from people wanting me to "critique" their workout plan. They send me a message that says something like this... "Hey Todd, I'm trying to get big. I want to do 3 exercises every day: push ups, squats and bridges. I'm going to do 500 reps total for the next 3 weeks. If I follow this plan will I get bigger?"

Its obvious that many people are confused on what style of workouts to do in order to get bigger. They randomly pull ideas from the sky (aka some random website) and put them into a plan.

Sure, they work hard at the plan but will inevitably fail because the plan has nothing to do with REAL muscle growth. Its just some random program that they created.

My role is to guide you and lay out everything you need in order to build a rock-hard muscular physique using only bodyweight exercises. When you follow my plan you'll be using the right number of reps, sets, exercises and exercise sequences that are scientifically proven in order to ensure muscle growth quickly and noticeably.

Problem #3: Trying To Do Too Much

19552742_sBuilding muscle is like building a house. You must start with the foundation and over time you create results that will last a long time.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is their enthusiasm gets in the way of them making progress. They try to do too much and just end up spinning their wheels.

The exercises that you perform, number of sets, reps and even number of workouts needs to build on each other. You start with your current level of strength. Then you perform the proper sequences so that your muscles are challenged but not too much so that you fall into overtraining or exhaustion.

People that have muscular physiques know that in order to grow... you must work the muscles hard during the workout... then give it the right amount of nutrition and rest. If you do this successfully, you'll see an amazing, muscular physique looking back at you in the mirror. If you don't, you'll be doomed to stay skinny forever.

Solution: The 3 "P's Of Successful Bodyweight Muscle Growth

Solution #1: Progressive Overload

10257437_sIn order to build muscle you must challenge your body using bodyweight exercises in certain sequences.

You can't just do a bunch of push ups and squats and think you are going to build muscle. Your body is amazing at adaption. That's where Progressive Overload comes in. Progressive Overload means performing specific bodyweight exercises in certain ways so that you continue to challenge the muscles to adapt and grow.

You see, many people progress only in one direction. They crank out push ups and after awhile get pretty good at them. Soon they can do 30, 40 or even 50 reps. That's great if you're only goal is to do more and more push ups. But if your goal is to build muscle than you are actually shooting yourself in the foot by doing so many push ups.


Because higher reps means you are training the body for endurance NOT muscle growth. Do you see body builders lifting LIGHT weights and doing 50 reps? I never have.

They lift heavy so they can fatigue the muscle in a low rep range.

When you do bodyweight exercises, you have to apply these same principles. Don't worry, I'll show you exactly how to do it below.

Solution #2: Periodization

18492484_sOne of the scariest words in any fitness enthusiasts vocabulary is "plataeu".

This is the period of time when you are not seeing results but trying your very best. You are putting 100% effort into every one of your workouts but still not seeing any more growth or fat loss... you just feel depleted and frustrated because you are not seeing results.

The method to overcome this is called "Periodization". This means that you train differently over time. Once you apply this technique you'll realize how fast your muscles really can grow because you are targeting them from new and unique directions. Periodization is the missing ingredient in many, many programs.

Solution #3: Planned Deloading

3715520_sMany people think that in order to grow you have to continue to push harder and harder during every workout for a very long period of time.

This is a certain recipe for disaster.

Your body needs recovery. The best method of recovery is called "deloading". Have you ever heard this expression, "Your muscle don't grow while your working out... they grow when you are resting."

This is SO true!

Your muscles need proper rest and nutrition in order to grow. You can actually lose muscle by working out too much... hard to believe but science has proven this.

When you strategically "deload" in a certain way after your planned workouts you'll see your muscles grow faster than you ever thought possible.

WARNING! This Program May NOT Be For You!

Please, before you move forward... understand something very important. This program you are about to discover requires work. There are two factors that will ensure your success with this program. If you can't commit to these, than please don't proceed further.

Factor 1: The Willingness To Put Forth Effort

No program will work unless you do. You must put forth effort in order for this program to work.

If you are someone that is lazy or doesn't really want to build muscle as much as you want to lay on the couch in front of the television after a hard day at work... please press the back button on your computer and leave now.

Factor 2: The Willingness To Follow The Plan

If you are one of those people that have the "shiny object syndrome" and abandon this program as soon as you stumble on the next "trick"... please leave now. There is no plan on earth that will work for you. You must commit now to actually following the plan I lay out for you and focus each day, each week... throughout the entire program.

If you can commit to doing both of those things... than please proceed.


What You'll Learn In The Bodyweight Overload Program...

  • 2 Revolutionary Techniques That Can Transform ANY Body Weight Exercise Into A Tool For Building Massive Muscle... NOT Leanness
  • A Specific, Simple-to-Follow and Safe Nutritional Method Proven To Shred Body Fat Fast AND Build Muscle
  • A 6 Week Plan That Will Be Your Continual Road Map To Building A Muscular Physique WITHOUT The Hassle Of Weights...
  • 7 Advanced Techniques For Supercharging Your Metabolism To Help You Burn Fat Now
  • Over 12 Delicious & Muscle Building Meals That ANYBODY Can Make
  • The IDEAL Rep Range That You MUST Stay In To Build Muscle AND How To Do It Without Using Weights No Matter What Your Fitness Level
  • 9 Hidden Ingredients That Are Adding Fat To Your Midsection With You Knowing It
  • A Periodization Technique Used By The Pros So You Will NEVER Enter The Dreaded Plateau And Be Constantly Making Gains
  • And Much, Much More...

Here's What You'll Get...

Bodyweight Overload Full Program (55 Page PDF)... Valued At $39.99

Bodyweight Overload ebook contains the core muscle building and nutritional principles you need to know in order to build muscle without weights. The first section lays out the foundation for the 6 week program in regards to target rep ranges, exercises, super sets, workout structure, etc. The second part of the program brings a no-nonsense approach to nutrition that anyone can follow to achieve crazy muscle definition, growth and shed body fat.

Bodyweight Overload 6 Week Workout Sheets... Valued At $9.99

The Bodyweight Overload program comes along with 6 workout sheets to help you stay consistent and accountable with the program. No need to wonder what your next exercise is or how many reps to shoot for. Everything is laid out for you to follow. Feel free to post them on your refrigerator after each workout so your family & friends can help you stick to the program.

Meal Plan & Recipe Guide... Valued At $19.99

We all know how difficult it can be to stick to a nutritional plan. Thats why having some meals that you can regularly rely on that also taste good can be a lifesaver. The Bodyweight Overload Meal Plan ebook contains 12 meals that are “Overload Approved” and guaranteed to help muscle growth. The plan also contains a full nutrient reference guide to help you understand what foods you should be eating and how many.

Overload Full Video Library... Valued At $69.99

The Bodyweight Overload Video Library contains 21 full descriptive videos that explain and demonstrate proper form, methods of making each exercise easier or more difficult, the basics of angular training and body weight distribution, effective use of compound super sets and covers each body weight exercise in detail.

14 Day FREE Trial To The Bodyweight Physique Academy Membership... Valued At $47.00

Discover 12 of the most powerful principles for building muscle using just simple bodyweight exercises. You'll gain instant access to a full video library with workouts, exercises, expert interviews, community "Lockerrooms" and so much more. Included in this special Bodyweight Overload offer, you'll get 14 Days FREE to try out the Academy. After your special 14 day trial, membership is just $47/mo. You may cancel at any time with no questions asked.

Here's What You Won't Pay...

What is it worth to achieve the body of your dreams? Personal Training in the gym will cost you at LEAST $40 per session at the gym.

If you saw your trainer three times per week that would amount to $720 for the amount of time you would going through the 6 Week Body Weight Overload Program.

Here's the GOOD NEWS.

I won't charge you: $720 like you'd pay a personal trainer for 6 weeks

I won't even charge you... $140 which is the full retail value of the program

No way.

During this special limited-time offer you'll get instant access to my powerful Bodyweight Overload workout system and my New Bodyweight Physique Academy.

Here's Everything You'll Get...

Bodyweight Overload Workout Program (valued at $39.99)

Discover the secrets of muscle building and follow a scientifically proven plan to help you pack on rock-hard muscle using only bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight Overload Workout Sheets (Valued at $9.99)

Hold yourself accountable to achieving the amazing results you are looking for with these downloadable and printable workout sheets.

Bodyweight Overload Meal Plan (Valued at $19.99)

Learn exactly what to eat and how much in order to start adding mounds of muscle to your body no matter what your body type or budget.

Bodyweight Overload Video Library (Valued at $69.99)

Learn proper from for every exercise and how to make any bodyweight exercise a muscle-building exercise.

FREE 14 Trial Access to the New Bodyweight Physique Academy (Valued at $47.00)

Get instant access to higher level bodyweight-only muscle building techniques, workouts, strategies that include meal plans, expert interviews, full HD video libraries and on-going support and motivation. You'll never wonder what your next workout should be. Membership is just $47/mo after your 14 trial period. Cancel anytime with no questions asked.

Total Value of $186.96

Start Today For ONLY $7

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Hugo Rivera

“Todd Kuslikis not only talks the talk but walks the walk as well. In his Bodyweight Overload system Todd presents a well periodized body weight workout that will allow you to make significant gains in muscle mass without weights

In addition, not only Todd presents exactly the routines that you need to follow, but he also provides you with various meal plans that detail exactly what you need to eat and how much. 

There is no guesswork and there are no excuses to get a muscular body now. 


If you have the WILL to follow this program you will get the results you are looking for. This is one of the ABSOLUTE BEST body weight programs for gaining muscle in the market!”

Hugo Rivera BSCE, CFT, SPN, International Best Selling Fitness Author

Frequently Asked Questions

So you have a few questions about the program. That's totally understandable. I want you tofeel comfortable before moving forward.

I have over 10 years of experiencing training individuals and groups at all levels. I've helped people build muscle, prepare for professional sporting events, lose little bits of weight and lose lots of weight.

Bodyweight Overload is the culmination of my 10 years of experience along with thousands of hours of research and study... all with a primary focus of using ONLY body weight exercises.

The below questions are what I have found were most frequently asked...

Q: How fast will I gain muscle?
A: That's a great question. Each person gains muscle at different rates. It depends a lot on your genetics, nutrition, exercise plan, etc. Although we can’t control genetics we CAN control our lifestyle. Bodyweight Overload is a combination of the most optimum strategies for muscle growth and fat loss for body weight enthusiasts.

Q: I am a girl and want to get a hot smoking body not build big muscles... can I still use this program?
A: Heck yeah sista! You don’t have to worry about building big bulky muscles because you don’t have the natural testosterone levels like men do. You do, however, have the ability totighten up your muscles into a sexy, slim figure.

Q: Will you require me to get a bunch of costly supplements and protein powders in order for this to work?
A: Nada. My philosophy (and the philosophy of most top body builders) is to rely on proper nutrition and exercise. Think of it like two wheels of your bicycle. If you use them properly you will get to where you want to go. Supplements and protein powder can be used as add-ons for additional support if you don’t have time to get a proper meal in but Bodyweight Overload does not require any additional supplements.

Q: Do you require any equipment to go along with this program?
A: The only piece of equipment that you will need is a chin up bar. We will be doing chin ups, pull ups, and other exercises using a bar so you should have one (don't worry if you can't do any right now. I'll show you how to modify them so you can progress to actually being able to do a chin up or pull up!)

Q: Can I follow Bodyweight Overload to lose fat?
A: For sure! The Bodyweight Overload program lays out the EXACT nutrition plan that will help you burn body fat quickly and safely. In fact, if you look at my transformation you will see that much of the added muscle definition came from my decreased body fat. That’s the ONLY way that you will get the impressive definition in your muscle that you are looking for.

Q: Todd, I'm a bit older than you. Will this still work even though I am in my golden years?
A: One of the greatest advantages of body weight exercises is that you can adjust them to meet your intensity. The program will show you exactly how to make the exercises more or less intense depending on what your goals are.

Q: Is there any age "too young" to start using Bodyweight Overload?
A: My wife and I just had a baby and upon the delivery we put her on my wife’s chest. Little Emma did the army crawl looking for her breast. The army crawl is a body weight exercise and my baby who was about 30 seconds old was already doing them so there is no “too young” to start exercising. I will say that you will probably not see huge muscle gains until you reach 15 or 16 when your testosterone levels start increasing.

Q: I am a total newbie but I want to get big using only body weight exercises and am wondering if I should try this program?
A: First of all, welcome to the world of fitness! The program lays out exactly what you need to do to build muscle in terms of proper form, number of reps to shoot for, sets, etc. Everything is taken care of for you. All you have to do is follow it.

Q: It sounds like Bodyweight Overload is a digital product... is that true or will I get an actual book sent in the mail?
A: It is completely digital. The advantage with this is that you get the product right away. You don’t need to wait for it in the mail while your excitement dies down. As soon as you purchase it you will get directions on how to download the program. You could even start the program that very same day.

Q: Todd, what if this program doesn't work for me?
A: No worries. Shoot me an email and tell me that you want a refund. I don’t take it personal and won’t even ask you any questions. I know things can be tight and respect that you made the initial move to start something. Only about 1% of the population does this. I want to congratulate your for this and take away all the risk. 

Total Value of $186.96

Start Today For ONLY $7

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Not Happy With The Program? NO Problem...

***ATTENTION: To make this even more of a no-risk situation for you. Here’s what I’m going to do. Are you ready for this?***

I am going to give you a Full 6 Weeks No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee! That means you get to try the program at any point within the next 6 weeks and if you don’t pack on at least 5 of muscle while doing the program email and I will give you a FULL refund. No hassle, NO questions. You tell me you want a refund. Done.

This is completely a win/win situation for you. If it works you get the body you have always dreamed of AND the how-to knowledge for using bodyweight exercises to transform your physique. If it doesn’t you get ALL of your money back and get to keep the program on me.

Vic Magary

“Bodyweight Overload is a full blown real-deal fitness program covering both nutrition and training. Todd doesn’t sugarcoat the realities of getting the body you desire – he’s very clear that it will take hard work and dedication.

But he also streamlines your efforts by eliminating the hassles of going to the gym and the need for expensive equipment. I’ve been around the fitness block a few times and Todd’s program includes exercises that I had not seen before. I highly recommend Bodyweight Overload if you are looking for a fresh approach to help you lose fatand build muscle.”

Vic Magary Founder of

If you have been looking for a program that will guide you every step of the way on the path to packing on major muscle... look no further.Todd Before & After Image

I spent most of my life believing that body weight exercises would only help me get lean not build muscular size.

Don't be like me and waste time bouncing from routine to routine. Remember that it is the PRINCIPLES of muscle growth that cause muscle growth.

And it DOESN'T matter if you are using weights or your own body.

If you are ready to develop some amazing size with your own body I look forward to seeing you on the inside.


Todd Signature



Todd Kuslikis
Founder of
Author of The Complete Bodyweight System
Creator of Bodyweight Overload

P.S. I want to be honest with you my friend. You may NOT be ready for this program. There are many people online that love to buy programs because they think that buying it will give them what they desire.

It won’t. I’m sorry.

Applying the muscle building principles of Bodyweight Overload is the way that you will see results. You will need to make changes in your life. If you are not ready to make the changes necessary to achieve your ideal body than please do NOT purchase this program.

P.P.S.  Many people ask me if it is really true that they can build muscle without weights. I tell them to try it and see for themselves.

Your muscles only tension. As long as you applying the right amount of tension to you muscles... they will tear and then rebuild bigger. Its as simple as that.

P.P.P.S. Don’t forget that you have a FULL 6 weeks to take me at my word. If you don't pack on at least 5lbs of muscle or don’t want to continue with the program for WHATEVER reason... ask for a refund.

It really is a win/win situation for you. If you start seeing the body you have always wanted after six weeks rock on! If you don’t, than let me know and I’ll give you every penny you have invested. Kind of a no-brainer huh?

P.P.P.P.S. And YES! You can do the program for longer than six weeks if you like but... that's why I have included a 14 day FREE trial to my special Bodyweight Physique Academy at no charge to you. It includes higher level muscle building principles to help you continue to grow over time. After the 14 day trial, membership is just $47/mo and you can cancel at any time but I know you will be blown away with the workouts, accountability AND muscle building results you'll see. 

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