Did you know you can actually build muscle using ONLY body weight exercises?Attention: Revolutionary New Program Allows Average People To Pack On Muscle Without Weights In The Comfort Of Their Own Home!
My transformation after only 8 weeks of following these principles...
From Todd Kuslikis
Founder of AShotofAdrenaline.net
Creator of The Complete Bodyweight Training Program & Bodyweight Overload
Celebrity Brand Manager for NBC’s The Biggest Loser Contestants

Dear friend,

Have you ever looked in the mirror after completing a body weight training program only to experience sadness and frustration because you didn’t see the muscular size you were looking for?

You are not alone.

The sad truth is that most people that follow body weight training NEVER see the muscular size and definition they are looking for.

Yes, that's definitely some bad news.

But don't worry, there is some good great news coming up in a bit. :D

Hi. My name is Todd Kuslikis and have a confession to make. My whole life I have been skinny. I am definitely NOT one of those guys that can do a few push ups and magically start packing on muscle.

I have always struggled putting on size. Even after getting a certification in nutrition and personal training I still couldn’t figure it out that recipe for building muscle.

Part of the problem was that I LOVED body weight exercises. I hated going to the gym or even lifting weights at home. I was infatuated with the idea of just using my own body weight to get stronger and bigger.

Problem was... I wasn’t. :(

Body weight exercises were great for helping me stay lean but that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to GET BIGGER!

After years of fumbling around with trial and error methods of body weight strength programs one day I looked in the mirror at a body that hadn’t changed one iota and said, “#%$@ YOU BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES!” I’m switching over to weights.

I started researching how professional body builders add size. I absorbed every book I could find and then... a new revolution hit me like a ton of bricks.

John Adams - Gained 1 inch to his arms and 2 inches to his chest in only 6 weeksJoe Gibson Lost ___ lbs and Gained an Inch of Size To His Chest in 6 Weeks
I'm Joe and at 36 I've been training on and off for 18 years. Until a couple of months ago I used to push iron in the gym but I found it boring and repetitive, hence the on and off part of training. I was looking for an alternative and discovered body weight training. I contacted Todd about testing this program and was lucky enough to be accepted.

2 weeks into BodyWeight Overload I cancelled my gym membership. There was no need to pay expensive fees when I had everything I needed already - my own body. Who knew Todd's way of doing push ups would give me quicker and better results than dumb bells?

I had a great time rediscovering what my body is capable of and look forward to pushing myself further. Bring it on Todd!
"My name is John and I am 48 years old. I have been on a quest for last couple of years to lose weight and get in shape. Through persistence and managing a good and healthy diet I lost around 30 pounds. But now my goal was to put on some muscle. I have read and tried a lot of things on the Internet and YouTube from HIIT to kettlebell to sandbags and BodyWeight exercises. I got some results.

But when I found Todd's BodyWeight Overload I was excited. Through his 6 week program I managed to lose 2 inches from my waist (35 to 33) and add one inch to my arms and 2 inches to my chest. I lost a couple of pounds but that was not my goal. By using his protocol of angular training you will discover this is not your ordinary BodyWeight routine. Also because of the angular and single limb training you will find imbalances and be able to fix them. I highly recommend Todd's program if you are serious about BodyWeight training and developing strength and muscle."
Well, you’re probably thinking how great it would be for you to transform YOUR body just like Joe and John in just 6 weeks.

You may be thinking, “Yeah, they can do it but I have never been in shape and couldn’t gain an ounce of muscle to save my life.”

Let me tell you something important...

Listen real close my friend...

Its. Not. Your. Fault.


There is TONS of information out there all over the place especially when it comes to body weight exercises. Many programs claim that they’ll help you develop a strong physique but the sad part is that they will just leave you skinny.

Sure they’ll help you stay healthy.

But they won’t help you build muscle because they make some MAJOR errors in design of the program.
There Are 4 Sins Typical Body Weight Programs Commit and I Must Address Them Right Now...
Sin #1Staying in High Rep Ranges
I see this all the time. People see a cool body weight workout routine with exercises like Hindu Push Ups or Crab Walks and think, “Sweet! If I do these exercises I bet I’ll get bigger because my body isn’t used to doing them! I know I need to give my body something new in order to stimulate it to grow. I bet these exercises will do it.

Wrong! Dead wrong, in fact.
Unique body weight exercises are NOT going to bring you size. There are hundreds of variations of unique body weight exercises out there: Dolphin Push Ups, Pistol Squats, Kipping Pull Ups, Bear Squats... etc... etc... etc...

Here’s the problem with thinking that the type of exercise is where the benefit lies...

When you start doing a new exercise it is TRUE that your body isn’t used to doing it. So you typically can only get a few reps. It challenges your body in a new way so you see some change. After awhile (and usually pretty quickly) your body adapts. You can now crank out 15, 20 or even 30 reps of an exercise.

After a few weeks you look in the mirror and think,  “Dang, why aren’t I seeing results like when I first started?

The REAL reason is because you are not staying in a low rep range. Your body has adapted to the exercise and it takes more and more reps to reach fatigue. This may be good for developing a “pump” feeling but will not be giving you the size you are looking for.

Think about how a professional body builder works out. Do they use lighter weights and go for high reps (15 to 20)? Or do they use heavy weights and stay within a 6-8 or 8-12 rep range?

Drum roll.....

Low reps.


And YES, it CAN be done with only body weight exercises.

Sin #2Not Incorporating Enough Volume
Most body weight programs make the inexcusable sin of only having their participants do two or three sets. Remember that the key to muscle growth is overload.

High volume (in other words, lots of sets), ESPECIALLY as it applies to body weight training, it critical to gaining size.

Why is high volume so important?

With each set you perform, you tear muscle tissue. This is important in the grand scheme of muscle building efforts because after the muscle is torn your body works to rebuild it. And since your body is a master of adaption, it will rebuild it stronger and bigger.

SOOO.... how do you tear it more effectively? Multiple sets.

With each passing set you continue to tear more muscle tissue. Here’s what happens:

Set 1: Push your body until you reach fatigue and tear muscle fibers.

Set 2: On the next set your body recruits muscle fibers that haven’t been fully fatigued yet. It pushes those muscle fibers to the max until they reach fatigue.

Set 3: You keep doing the above until all the muscle fibers in a single muscle group are blasted.

This is why HIGH VOLUME IS ESSENTIAL TO MUSCLE GROWTH and why so many other programs are totally missing the mark.

Sin #3Not Periodizing Training
This by FAR is the most common sin of almost every body weight training program.

Periodization means structuring your program in a way that forces your body to adapt to ever increasing demands. It is a way of organizing training that involves cycling various aspects of training during a specific period. At the end of the cycle you reach the peak.

This approach allows you to push your body to the fullest without over-training.

Most programs simply lay out a bunch of exercises and tell you to do them for two or three months.

In order to gain maximum size you must cycle a number of training components such as reps, sets, rest periods, exercises and the intensity you give to the exercise, total length of workout time and muscle groups.

Sound complex?

Don’t worry. Bodyweight Overload lays out exactly what and how to follow in a way that is simple to understand.  

“So explain to me why just changing up the exercises is such a problem when you are trying to build muscle?”

It goes back to muscular adaptation. Your muscles are designed to adapt to stimulus. If you only change one variable in your workouts than your body quickly adapts and gets comfortable with the routine.

This is the kiss of death for muscle building.

Your body MUST stay stressed through every changing variables so it never fully gets a chance to adapt.

Keep this locked in your mind: Adaptation = Muscle Growth

Sin #4Not Doing Split Workout Plans
99% of every body weight workout program out there does NOT incorporate splits into its design.

What is a split workout plan?

A split workout plan is structuring your workouts so you target a specific muscle group within a workout. The typical body weight program at best will break a workout plan into upper and lower body days. At worst it will group all of the major muscles groups into one workout.

I used to think that the benefit of body weight workouts was that you could work out the whole body as a single unit.
A single exercise strengthened almost every muscle in your body.

That’s good, right?

Sure. That’s good if you just want to develop general strength. You’ll be able to perform a ton of reps with your body working as unit.


If you are looking to build muscle, you are literally shooting yourself in the foot.

Here’s why.

Reason #1: Why Muscle Isolation = Greater Muscle Growth

Remember that in order to build muscle you must first tear it. The greater the tear, the bigger it will grow back. When you use general exercises such as the normal push up, squat, etc. you recruit many muscle groups in order to perform the movement.

This may sound good because you think, “Great, I’ll be able to tear all of those muscles with a single movement. I’ll be more efficient.”


This “shot gun” approach to tearing muscle tissue (using one exercise to target lots of muscles) never fully allows you to get those deep micro-fiber tears that you need in order to build muscle.
With muscle building you must focus like a laser.

Target a specific muscle group until you TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY blast that muscle group to the fullest and then AND ONLY THEN will you have reached the point where your muscles will grow.

And YES, you CAN do this with body weight exercises. There are two very specific techniques for modifying traditional body weight exercises that allow you to target like a laser on one primary muscle group.

Reason #2: Splits Allow For More Effective Muscle Recovery

The other ESSENTIAL benefit to split workout plans is that it allows enough time for your muscle to recover. If you work out a muscle group consistently 4-5 times per week you never give it a chance to grow.

It takes TIME to grow and the amount of time that you rest is JUST AS IMPORTANT as how you work out.

Growth happens AFTER the workout when you are resting the muscle. The body is able to repair the damage over a period of a couple days and rebuilds it stronger and bigger.

Effective routines MUST incorporate adequate rest into its design.

Introducing...What youll learn in the Bodyweight Overload Program...
  • 2 Revolutionary Techniques That Can Transform ANY Body Weight Exercise Into A Tool For Building Massive Muscle... NOT Leanness

  • A Specific, Simple-to-Follow and Safe Nutritional Method Proven To Shred Body Fat Fast AND Build Muscle

  • A 6 Week Plan That Will Be Your Continual Road Map To Building A Muscular Physique WITHOUT The Hassle Of Weights...

  • 7 Advanced Techniques For Supercharging Your Metabolism To Help You Drop Fat Now

  • Over 12 Delicious & Muscle Building Meals That ANYBODY Can Make

  • The IDEAL Rep Range That You MUST Stay In To Build Muscle AND How To Do It Without Using Weights No Matter What Your Fitness Level

  • 9 Hidden Ingredients That Are Adding Fat To Your Midsection With You Knowing It

  • A Periodization Technique Used By The Pros So You Will NEVER Enter The Dreaded Plateau And Be Constantly Making Gains

  • And Much, Much More...
Heres What Youll Get...

Bodyweight Overload Full Program (55 Page PDF)

Bodyweight Overload ebook contains the core muscle building and nutritional principles you need to know in order to build muscle without weights. The first section lays out the foundation for the 6 week program in regards to target rep ranges, exercises, super sets, workout structure, etc. The second part of the program brings a no-nonsense approach to nutrition that anyone can follow to achieve crazy muscle definition and shred body fat.

Retail Value: $39.99

Bodyweight Overload 6 Week Workout Sheets

The Bodyweight Overload program comes along with 6 workout sheets to help you stay consistent and accountable with the program. No need to wonder what your next exercise is or how many reps to shoot for. Everything laid out for you to follow. Feel free to post them on your refrigerator after each workout so your family & friends can help you stick to the program. 

Retail Value: $9.99

Meal Plan & Recipe Guide

We all know how difficult it can be to stick to a nutritional plan. Thats why having some meals that you can regularly rely on that also taste good can be a lifesaver. The Bodyweight Overload Meal Plan ebook contains 12 meals that are “Overload Approved” and guarantteed to help contribute to your muscle growth. The plan also contains a full nutrient reference guide to help you understand what foods you should be eating and how many.

Retail Value: $19.99

Overload Video Library

The Bodyweight Overload Video Library contains 21 full descriptive videos that explain and demonstrate proper form, methods of making each exercise easier or more difficult, the basics of angular training and body weight distribution, effective use of compound super sets and covers each body weight exercise in detail.

Retail Value: $69.99
What is it worth to achieve the body of your dreams?

Personal Training in the gym will cost you at least $40 per session.

If you saw your trainer three times per week that would amount to $720 for the amount of time you would going through the 6 Week Body Weight Overload Program.

Here's the GOOD NEWS. I won't charge you:

$720 like you'd pay a personal trainer for 6 weeks

I won't even charge you...

$140 which is the full retail value of the program

I am giving you two options so you can decide for yourself what level you want to enter into the program.
Heres What You WONT Pay...Special Shot of Adrenaline Limited Time Discount...

Option 1: Basic Bodyweight Overload Package

Yes! I would like to start the 6 week program and start building muscle using body weight exercises for $49.98 Special Discount: Only $17. I understand that I am receiving a HUGE 65% discount off the normal price. I would like to receive 
  • Bodyweight Overload ebook... Value $39.99
  • Overload Workout sheets... Value $9.99

Option 2: Full Bodyweight Overload Package... SUPER SAVINGS

Yes! I would like to start the 6 week program and start building muscle using body weight exercises for $139.96 Special Discount: Only $27. I understand that I am receiving a HUGE 80% discount off the normal price. I would like to receive:
  • Bodyweight Overload ebook... Value $39.99
  • Overload Workout sheets... Value $9.99
  • Meal Plan & Recipe Guide... Value 19.99
  • Full Video Library... Value 69.99
"Bodyweight Overload is a full blown real-deal fitness program covering both nutrition and training. Todd doesn't sugarcoat the realities of getting the body you desire - he's very clear that it will take hard work and dedication

But he also streamlines your efforts by eliminating the hassles of going to the gym and the need for expensive equipment. I've been around the fitness block a few times and Todd's program includes exercises that I had not seen before. I highly recommend Bodyweight Overload if you are looking for a fresh approach to help you lose fat and build muscle."
-Vic Magary
Founder of VicMagary.com
Creator of 40DaysFit.com
WARNING!This Program May NOT Be For You!
Please, before you move forward... understand something very important. This program is tough as nails.

You are about to enter into a world of pain. Your body will ache more than you have EVER known it could ache.

Your mind will be challenged in ways you have never thought possible.

It takes two key factors to succeed with Bodyweight Overload.

Factor 1: The Willingness To Put Forth Effort

No program will work unless you do. You must put forth a tremendous amount of effort in order for this program to work. It is not a "15 minutes a day to six pack abs" type of program. Workouts last about 45 minutes and they are brutal.

If you are someone that is lazy or doesn't really want to build muscle as much as you want to lay on the couch in front of the television after a hard day at work... please press the back button on your computer and leave now.

Factor 2: The Willingness To Endure Hardship

The structure of the program will drive you to the breaking point.

It is hard work.

I recently brought a team through the program and these were their reactions the first week. If you are like the individuals below and have the mental fortitude to go through difficulty than Bodyweight Overload is for you. If not, I recommend finding some "weekend warrior workout" that will deliver sub-optimal results.

Real Bodyweight Overload Responses:

First day finished. It is hard, it is painful and i love it.” - Ivan Perlas

Hey Todd, I just finished my first day workout half an hour ago but still feeling the burn... never felt as such when I was going to gym. Its kickass!!!!!!!!!” - Rajath K.R.

Duuuuuuuuuudeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! The workout is awesome!!! I was looking for some thing like this for about 10 months!!” - Angel Mijangos

Finished the leg work out this morning, and it was killer! Got sweaty already in minutes, and my legs were burning still after half an hour after the work out. I was so exhausted after the superset that I almost forgot the second exercise...” - Alexandra Lee

Ouch!!!!” - Vinod Dhanraj

I finished the day two workout a little bit ago. And let me say… ITS TOUGH!!!! Its one of the hardest workouts i have ever done!” - Max Mahan

Never thought I could be this stiff and sore by only using my body weight.... Todd, thanks for putting this workout together…..looked much easier on paper…” - Thinus Hendriks

Did my day 3 leg workout, legs are burned out not able to walk. Great workout!” - Paul Vincent

My legs will be useless at work tomorrow ha, but a great workout. Never thought body weight could destroy my legs in such low reps but I’m glad it did.” - Josh Newman

I can't remember when I was as sore...and I'm happy about that.” - Jim Williams
Frequently Asked Questions
So you have a few questions about the program. That's totally understandable. I want you to feel comfortable before moving forward.

I have over 10 years of experiencing training individuals and groups at all levels. I've helped people build muscle, prepare for professional sporting events, lose little bits of weight and lose lots of weight.

Bodyweight Overload is the culmination of my 10 years of experience along with thousands of hours of research and study... all with a primary focus of using ONLY body weight exercises.

The below questions are what I have found were most frequently asked...

Q: How fast will I gain muscle?
A: That's a great question. Each person gains muscle at different rates. It depends a lot on your genetics, nutrition, exercise plan, etc. Although we can’t control genetics we CAN control our lifestyle. Bodyweight Overload is a combination of the most optimum strategies for muscle growth and fat loss for body weight enthusiasts.

Q: I am a girl and want to get a hot smoking body not build big muscles... can I still use this program?
A: Heck yeah sista! You don’t have to worry about building big bulky muscles because you don’t have the natural testosterone levels like men do. You do, however, have the ability to tighten up your muscles into a sexy, slim figure.

Q: Will you require me to get a bunch of costly supplements and protein powders in order for this to work?
A: Nada. My philosophy (and the philosophy of most top body builders) is to rely on proper nutrition and exercise. Think of it like two wheels of your bicycle. If you use them properly you will get to where you want to go. Supplements and protein powder can be used as add-ons for additional support if you don’t have time to get a proper meal in but Bodyweight Overload does not require any additional supplements.

Q: Do you require any equipment to go along with this program?
A: The only piece of equipment that you will need is a chin up bar. We will be doing a lot of chin ups, pull ups, and other exercises using a bar so you should have one. However, you can use a tree branch of pipe across the ceiling of your garage (what I often do) to save money.

Q: Can I follow Bodyweight Overload to lose fat?
A: Fo sure! The Bodyweight Overload program lays out the EXACT nutrition plan that will help you drop body fat quickly and safely. In fact, if you look at my transformation you will see that much of the added muscle definition came from my decreased body fat. That’s the ONLY way that you will get the impressive definition in your muscle that you are looking for.

Q: Todd, I'm a bit older than you. Will this still work even though I am in my golden years?
A: One of the greatest advantages of body weight exercises is that you can adjust them to meet your intensity. The program will show you exactly how to make the exercises more or less intense depending on what your goals are.

Q: Is there any age "too young" to start using Bodyweight Overload?
A: My wife and I just had a baby and upon the delivery we put her on my wife’s chest. Little Emma did the army crawl looking for her breast. The army crawl is a body weight exercise and my baby who was about 30 seconds old was already doing them so there is no “too young” to start exercising. I will say that you will probably not see huge muscle gains until you reach 15 or 16 when your testosterone levels start increasing.

Q: I am a total newbie but I want to get big using only body weight exercises and am wondering if I should try this program?
A: First of all, welcome to the world of fitness! The program lays out exactly what you need to do to build muscle in terms of proper form, number of reps to shoot for, sets, etc. Everything is taken care of for you. All you have to do is follow it.

Q: It sounds like Bodyweight Overload is a total digital product is that true or will I get an actual book sent in the mail?
A: It is completely digital. The advantage with this is that you get the product right away. You don’t need to wait for it in the mail while your excitement dies down. As soon as you purchase it you will get directions on how to download the program. You could even start the program that very same day.

Q: Todd, what if this program doesn't work for me?
A: No worries. Shoot me an email and tell me that you want a refund. I don’t take it personal and won’t give you flack. I know things can be tight and respect that you made the initial move to start something. Only about 1% of the population does this. I want to congratulate your for this and take away all the risk. My email is todd@ashotofadrenaline.net.

NOT Happy With The Program? NO Problem...

Option 1: Basic Bodyweight Overload Package

Yes! I would like to start the 6 week program and start building muscle using body weight exercises for $49.98 Special Discount: Only $17. I understand that I am receiving a HUGE 65% discount off the normal price. I would like to receive 
  • Bodyweight Overload ebook... Value $39.99
  • Overload Workout sheets... Value $9.99

Option 2: Full Bodyweight Overload Package... SUPER SAVINGS

Yes! I would like to start the 6 week program and start building muscle using body weight exercises for $139.96 Special Discount: Only $27. I understand that I am receiving a HUGE 80% discount off the normal price. I would like to receive:
  • Bodyweight Overload ebook... Value $39.99
  • Overload Workout sheets... Value $9.99
  • Meal Plan & Recipe Guide... Value 19.99
  • Full Video Library... Value 69.99
"Bodyweight Overload was extremely effective for me because it incorporated both the physical and mental aspects of fitness. It was also creative and kept me excited to stay with the workouts. There was no boring day.

I learned how to adapt each of the exercises to make them more difficult for me which helped me grow in strength and balance.

I HIGHLY recommend
Bodyweight Overload for anyone who is serious about building muscle while using only body weight exercises."
Overload Member: Ivan Perlas
Location: Croatia
In any situation, the best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing.- Theodore Roosevelt
***ATTENTION: To make this even more of a no-risk situation for you. Here's what I'm going to do. Are you ready for this?***

I am going to give you a Full 6 Weeks No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee! That means you get to try the program at any point within the next 6 weeks and if you don't pack on at least 5-10lbs of muscle while doing the program email me (todd@ashotofadrenaline.net) and I will give you a FULL refund. No hassle, NO questions, NO nothing. You tell me you want a refund. Done. 

Here's how to get your refund:

Step 1: Open up your email and put "todd@ashotofadrenaline.net" in the "To" field.

Step 2: Type your own message or copy and paste this message:
"Todd, I purchased your Bodyweight Overload program and I would like a full refund. Here's my order number _____. Thanks bud. -Your Name"

Step 3: I'll email you back with this message:
"Hey ___, thanks for trying Bodyweight Overload. I just credited your account and gave you a full refund. Even though Overload didn't work for you I want you to know that I am always here for you if you have any specific questions or need some help finding another program. Peace! - Todd"

See! It's THAT simple! =)

This is completely a
win/win situation for you. If it works you get the body you have always dreamed of AND the how-to knowledge for using bodyweight exercises to transform your physique. If it doesn't you get ALL of your money back and get to keep the program on me.

"It's the PRINCIPLES of muscle gain that helped these guys add size, NOT the weights themselves!"

I asked myself, “Could these principles be applied to body weight exercises and still work?

I began to experiment on myself and was blown away by the results. I literally felt like I unlocked the secret to gaining muscle even though I was using ONLY body weight exercises.

The above before and after pictures is my transformation after following specific body weight exercise principles for muscle growth. I have collected them in a program I now call... Bodyweight Overload.
"Todd Kuslikis not only talks the talk but walks the walk as well. In his Bodyweight Overload system Todd presents a well periodized body weight workout that will allow you to make significant gains in muscle mass without weights
In addition, not only Todd presents exactly the routines that you need to follow, but he also provides you with various meal plans that detail exactly what you need to eat and how much. 
There is no guesswork and there are no excuses to get a muscular body now. 
If you have the WILL to follow this program you will get the results you are looking for. This is one of the ABSOLUTE BEST body weight programs for gaining muscle in the market!"
Hugo Rivera, BSCE, CFT, SPN,
International Best Selling Fitness Author
If you have been looking for a program that will guide you every step of the way on the path to packing on major muscle... look no further.

I spent most of my life believing that body weight exercises would only help me get lean not build muscular size.

Don't be like me and waste time bouncing from routine to routine. Remember that it is the PRINCIPLES of muscle growth that cause muscle growth.

And it DOESN'T matter if you are using weights or your own body.

If you are ready to develop some amazing size with your own body I look forward to seeing you on the inside. Click here to start now.


Special Shot of Adrenaline Limited Time Discount...

Option 1: Basic Bodyweight Overload Package

Yes! I would like to start the 6 week program and start building muscle using body weight exercises for $49.98 Special Discount: Only $17. I understand that I am receiving a HUGE 65% discount off the normal price. I would like to receive 
  • Bodyweight Overload ebook... Value $39.99
  • Overload Workout sheets... Value $9.99

Option 2: Full Bodyweight Overload Package... SUPER SAVINGS

Yes! I would like to start the 6 week program and start building muscle using body weight exercises for $139.96 Special Discount: Only $27. I understand that I am receiving a HUGE 80% discount off the normal price. I would like to receive:
  • Bodyweight Overload ebook... Value $39.99
  • Overload Workout sheets... Value $9.99
  • Meal Plan & Recipe Guide... Value 19.99
  • Full Video Library... Value 69.99

Contact Information

You may contact me at any time with questions at todd@ashotofadrenaline.net.

Refund Policy

You may request a full refund at any time during the first 6 weeks after purchase.

Digital Product Download

*Bodyweight Overload is a completely digital product. This means that you will not be receiving a hard copy book or dvds. The ebooks and workout sheets will be available for download after purchase of the program. You will need Adobe Reader to read them which can be downloaded for free here. The video library will be available on a private channel that you can access at any time.

ClickBank is the retailer of this product. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission.  ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of this product.

Todd Kuslikis
Founder of AShotofAdrenaline.net
Author of The Complete Bodyweight System
Creator of Bodyweight Overload

P.S. I want to be honest with you my friend. You may NOT be ready for this program. There are many people online that love to buy programs because they think that buying it will give them what they desire.

It won’t. I’m sorry.

Applying the muscle building principles of Bodyweight Overload is the way that you will see results. You will need to make changes in your life. If you are not ready to make the changes necessary to achieve your ideal body than please do NOT purchase this program.

P.P.S.  Many people ask me if it is really true that they can build muscle without weights. I tell them to try it and see for themselves.

Your body does not know if the pressure exerted upon it comes from a weight or its own body. It’s basically the same thing as long as you know how to position your body in a way that forces the muscle into a disadvantageous position. The principles between body building with weights and physique development with body weight exercises are the same. The means are the only thing that is different.

P.P.P.S. Don’t forget that you have a FULL 6 weeks to take me at my word. If you don't pack on at least 5lbs of muscle or don’t want to continue with the program for WHATEVER reason... ask for a refund. Here is my email address: todd@ashotofadrenaline.net

It really is a win/win situation for you. If you start seeing the body you have always wanted after six weeks rock on! If you don’t, than let me know and I’ll give you every penny you have invested. Kind of a no-brainer huh?

P.P.P.P.S. And YES! You can do the program for longer than six weeks if you like. I did the program for 8 weeks and was blown away by my results. The program is designed in a way that you can do it back to back in consecutive 6 week periods and never reach a plateau. The variables are always changing and that is one of the secrets to the program. So in reality you could do the program for a full year or longer and not get sick of the workouts and still gain HUGE muscle growth and fat burning effects.

Special Shot of Adrenaline Limited Time Discount...My doctor came right out and asked me if I was taking steroids. I think thats the first time Ive laughed in a doctors office in years! - Jesse Kauffeld